Interview an Expert

Interview an Expert

Q: What is your knowledge, or experience, when it comes to health and nutrition?

A: I took a nutrition class in College; I read a lot of articles about health and nutrition, and I’m an editor for two magazines that write, and include, articles about health and nutrition.

Q: What do you do in your daily life that you would consider healthy?

A: I exercise; walking, jogging, or bike riding. I eat a healthy breakfast, either oatmeal and fruit, or a vegetable omelet and whole-wheat toast. I [also] bring healthy snacks to work so I don’t eat junk food.

Q: How do you motivate yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: I always feel better when I’m getting exercise and eating healthy. I try to exercise in the morning and get fresh air and sunshine, which always makes the day go better. Sometimes I will plan to do a healthy activity with friends and family to make it a social occasion. I don’t like it when my clothes start to feel tight, so it always feels good to fit into my jeans. I also like to be a good role model for healthy living.

Q: What do you think is the most important for a person to keep in mind when they are on the road to becoming a healthier being?

A: Take it in small steps; it’s easier if you don’t try to do too much stuff at once. So, start with one thing, like having a healthier breakfast or walking for 20 minutes. Try to do something that you enjoy, and won’t be too much of a sacrifice. And never give up! I also think one of the keys is that you shouldn’t give up everything; one thing I do is that I have one indulgence a day. [Also] If you have a choice between walking and driving, or taking the steps or elevator, choose the active choice, rather than the sedentary.

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