SMART Goal Reflections

Reflection #1:

Your first reflection for your SMART Goal is to stop and think about how your goal has been going. Is there anything that needs to be changed or added on? Also, with the holiday weekend, will all the free time be good for your SMART Goal or will it cause a distraction and disrupt your routine?

So far my goal is dragging along quite a bit, I think. I feel like I am not used to restricting my food intake to healthy food, and I am very tempted to eat unhealthily. I feel like I should not change my SMART Goal, and if I do I will later. I really want to try to keep the goal as written, because it is such a big challenge for me. With the holiday weekend coming up I am a bit nervous about the food at Thanksgiving being a huge obstacle, because there is so much of it and it is so good. But along with being nervous I am really excited because I will have time for things like hiking and walking.


Reflection #2:

For your second reflection I want you to reflect on whether or not you have been using your support system to help you achieve your goal. If you have, how have they been helping you? Please provide specific examples. If you haven’t been using your support system, why haven’t you and how could you reach out to them this upcoming week for support?

So far in this health journey I have definitely used those mentioned in my support system; these people being my teacher, parents, and table-mates in class. I have actually found myself using my friends who are also in Health this semester as an additional support system. I talk to my friends daily about the things in our goals; such as hydration, nutrition, and fitness. Having my friends and family help me out thus far in my goal has been great, and extremely helpful. I hope this will continue throughout the rest of the time I practice my goal.

Reflection #3:

For this week I want you to stop and reflect on how your SMART Goal is going. Are there any adjustments that need to be made? Are you where you thought you would be at this point? (Half-way point!) Also – have you rewarded yourself for your small accomplishments? How have you rewarded yourself?

So far my goal really hasn’t been working for me. I’m feeling pressured to try and do everything on my goal everyday which just makes me more stressed. I feel like I need to remove the vegetable part of my goal because I really dislike vegetables and shouldn’t pressure myself to eat them, but rather eat a new one every once in a while. I am not where I thought I would be at this point because I really haven’t been practicing and really doing my goal. So far, I have not rewarded myself.

Reflection #4:

New Year’s is right around the corner… Are there any adjustments you need to make to your SMART Goal as part of a New Year’s Resolution? Do you need to add something to your goal? Or create an entirely new goal? REMEMBER Goals are dreams put into action. So reflect on how your SMART Goal has been going, what action steps do you need to take and how does this impact the new year? (2016!)

In retrospect, on the last few weeks of executing this SMART Goal, my goal has been going well; and I don’t even think I’ve been noticing it! I am eating fruit, not as much as I wish to be, but I am. Vegetables, not so much.. but I’ll work on that. And I have seen a significant difference in the meals I eat and how balanced they are compared to before practicing this goal. I have also been drinking a lot of water, and I have only drank roughly 3-5 sugary drinks in the past 6 or 7 weeks; which, in my opinion is great!! I am really going to focus on eating vegetables more often in the upcoming week and bringing a water bottle to school daily.

Reflection #5:

Next week is the last week to work on your SMART Goal for our class. Hopefully it is something you have made a habit and will continue doing. I want you to reflect this week on one thing you learned about yourself and your SMART Goal during this process. What surprised you? What encouraged you? Looking back to the beginning, what would you have changed to make your SMART Goal more effective?

I have surprised myself by eating more meals throughout the day. It is hard to fit in every meal because of time and stress but, for the most part, I managed to do it! What encourages me during this process is the other people who have Health this semester and who are going through similar blocks and obstacles. Looking back at the beginning I wish I had created a better list of obstacles and specifically how to overcome them. I wish I had tried more healthy food I have never had before. Looking onward on this week, I hope I do that. What makes more SMART Goal more effective is how every week I find what my weakness is and push it toward the next week as my focused goal.